Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Elusive Red Armband...

...is now mine! Yesterday was a very happy moment as I was presented with the red prajioud by my kru, Kelly Westerlund.

Kelly wanted to hold the presentation in between Monday's Level 1 and Level 2 classes, in the hopes of having the biggest audience. He says it inspires people to see someone achieve this goal, and I have had a few people tell me that my journey has made them want to go through the same process. That's an incredible feeling, knowing that something you are doing for yourself can inspire others to do the same.

Kelly was so supportive throughout my training.
I was touched and moved by Kelly's speech--he talked about how hard I'd trained and how I was a long-time training partner and friend. I am so lucky to have finally found a coach as dedicated and honorable as he is.

Wayne is awesome!
Chris told me that everyone cheered as Kelly announced that I'd fulfilled the men's push-up requirements, but I was in a daze at that point. But I did hear everyone cheer when Kelly announced that Wayne had helped me with my training, too, and was glad for it. Wayne deserves a lot of credit--he is always willing to help out anyone who needs it. This is a spirit I've noticed among the Level 2 students.

After the glory and picture taking, it was time for a ninety minute Level 2 class. No chance to dwell on the armband around my bicep as I sprinted and did hundreds of leg checks and push-kicks...but it will take more than that for the glow to wear off.

Thank you so much to everyone at KWest who supported me and cheered me on, to my friends and of course, to Chris, and to all of you here on the blog.

On to green armband training!


  1. WooHoo!!!! You go girl!!! ;0)

  2. Congrats! You deserve it. :)

  3. Congratulations Holli! You go girl and good luck in achieving your next goal. :O)

  4. Thanks Elspeth, and thanks, Vera. Vera - hope all is well with you. :)